Booking information

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about bookings with us.


Rooms and suites are available from 4:00 p.m..
If you do not arrive by 6 p.m., we ask you to notify us.

Please let us know if you think you will be arriving after 20:30 so that we can (if you wish) prepare a cold platter for you to have when you arrive.


We ask you to vacate your room or suite by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. If you would like to make the most of your last day and enjoy an activity out in the region before heading home, you are welcome to come back to the hotel and shower before setting off. We have a monitored storage room where you can leave your luggage.

Sometimes everything turns out differently. Unfortunately!

We do our part to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is not easy. But that's the way it is. Our health and the health of our loved ones 
is the most important thing in life.

And since there is great uncertainty, we have relaxed our cancellation policy for summer/autumn 2020, winter of 2020/21 and spring/summer/autumn 2021. And we stay tuned. Shouldn't that be enough.

More planning security for you:

New regulations for your free cancellation apply to all existing and all new bookings.

Winter 2020/21 and spring/summer/autumn 2021

  • up to 7 days before arrival cancellation free of charge (without giving reasons)
  • 7 to 3 days before arrival 50%
  • 3 to 0 days  before arrival 80%

We ask for understanding that in case of free cancellation we charge a processing fee of € 35 per booking.

We are a family run hotel. We and our team are well prepared, made new investments like our new restaurants plus a brandnew "state of the art" air conditioning (with permanent 100% fresh air supply!) and our new BIKE % SKI depot. We appreciate your support in these difficult times, if you do not cancel your booking. Let's wait and see what the future brings.

For questions you can reach our reception Tel. 0043 6541 74140.

AFTER CORONA, from winter 2021/22 the following rules apply to all existing and new bookings for your cancellation

  • Generally up to 14 days before arrival: free cancellation
    except New Year's week (December 25th - 2nd), 3rd week of February (12th - 19th February) and Carnival week (26th February - 5th March) up to 4 weeks before arrival: free cancellation
  • 13 to 6 days before arrival 50% cancellation fee
  • 5 to 2 days before arrival 80% cancellation fee
  • 1 - 0 days before arrival 90% cancellation costs

Deposit: 30% of the total sum (by credit card or bank transfer). Reservations made at short notice (14 days or fewer before arrival) must have the deposit paid by credit card.

We also require written confirmation of reservation by e-mail, fax or post.

  • We offer insurance which covers the costs that may arise if you are unable to take the holiday you have booked or have to depart early for whatever reason.
  • We RECOMMEND CHECKING FIRST if your credit card offers insurance or if you have private insurance which already covers holiday cancellation and termination. In that case you will not require the insurance we offer.
  • Holiday cancellation & termination insurance: for 5% of the total booking cost you can minimise the risk of high costs arising from being unable to take the holiday booked or forced to depart earlier than planned. In such situations you will only have to pay 20% as a DEDUCTIBLE (provided we are not able to find another guest willing to stay in the room or suite you have cancelled).
  • If holiday cancellation and termination insurance is purchased, this covers both the insured person and all other persons staying with them at the  Gartenhotel Theresia. Insurance cover begins on the day of booking and ends on the day of departure.
  • The insured person must inform the hotel immediately by telephone and in writing about why the holiday is being cancelled, including any relevant documents (doctor's note, etc.). Failure to do so will result in loss of any insurance claim.
  • The deposit will be returned to the insured person (minus the insurance fee and deductible) as soon as the relevant documents (doctor's note, etc.) have been provided.


Insurance cover is provided in the following situations:

  • The guest is unable to take the holiday (doctor's note with diagnosis required).
  • The guest fails to arrive, arrives late or has to depart early.
  • The guest, his/her spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, fiancé or partner living in the same household has a serious accident or suddenly falls ill.
  • If you wish to extend the group of people above to include anyone else, this must be done before taking out insurance. The hotel owner must be informed and the insurance company must give its permission.
  • Death of one of the persons mentioned above or of siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren of the person insured.
  • In case of sudden, unexpected pregnancy complications affecting one of the persons insured.
  • In case of sudden, unexpected reappearance or deterioration of a chronic condition affecting one of the persons insured.
  • In case of serious damage to property of a person insured at their home resulting from fire, force of nature or illegal activity by a third party, which requires the insured person to be at home.
  • In case of unexpected termination of employment of one of the persons insured (employees) or unexpected bankruptcy or collapse of the business (self-employed).
  • In case one of the persons insured is called on to perform military or civil service, provided the authorities do not accept the holiday booking as a justified reason for postponing the military or civil service.
  • In case of divorce proceedings being launched by one parnter before the start of a shared holiday.
  • In case the school leaving examination is failed immediately before the holiday.
  • In case one of the persons insured must perform jury duty, provided the court does not bei accept the holiday booking as a justified reason for postponing the jury duty.

Payments are accepted in euros using VISA, MasterCard or debit (Maestro) card.