child baking a pizza

Gourmet Paradise for KIDS

At the Theresia, we cater to our littlest guests in a big way! With lots of love and care, we whip up balanced and kid-friendly meals that put a smile on every child's face. Using fresh, local, and organic ingredients, we create colourful culinary creations that are not only delicious, but also a lot of fun.

Happy little bellies

Feast from morning till night!

At the Theresia, kids are taken care of all day long – because we know that's what you need for a carefree family holiday! First up: a wholesome breakfast for the little ones. Freshly baked bread and pastries, delicious spreads, fresh fruit, mueslis, pancakes and much more ensure a perfect start to your day. Lunchtime and afternoon feature tasty meals and sweet snacks – with their favourite ice cream, of course.

  • 24/7 juice station

    With fresh spring water and kid-favourite juices including elderflower and blackcurrant juice, peach iced tea and a selection of soft drinks.

  • Round-the-clock options

    Hangry kids? Not with us.

  • Local & organic

    The quality of the food we serve is so important to us – that's why we prioritise local and organic food for kids.

  • Supervised lunch

    Will your kids be spending lunchtime in our Kids' Club? No problem. A tasty lunch is served in our Kids' Club.

  • Equipment

    We have everything you need: bibs, high chairs and more.

Healthy food for little ones – tasty and good for you! 

Kids' buffet

Delicious dinners for our youngest guests

At dinner, we offer a special buffet just for kids, available early from 6:00 pm. Fresh vegetables, crudités, and many other products come directly from the area and help make healthy and tasty meals. Of course, favourite classics such as schnitzel, spaghetti, and more are also available.

Kids & teens eat like royalty!

At the Familien- & Gartenhotel Theresia, everyone – young and old – will be treated to happy taste buds!