Natural swimming pond

Outdoor spa experience in Salzburg

Our natural bathing pond is a miracle of nature with a thriving ecosystem. The plants and animals living and growing in its waters naturally clean and purify the water, providing you with the most natural swimming experience possible. Microscopically small organisms as well as frogs, fish and dragonflies all work together to keep the balance of nature in this wonderful little habitat.

Your children will love watching the tiny creatures in the natural waters of the pond – and you will too. The extremely soft mountain spring water (with a °dH 3.56 water hardness) in our natural swimming pond is particularly gentle to your skin and hair.

  • Water surface: 240 square metres
  • Opening hours: from 7:00 until 20:00 in summer
  • Outdoor night: Tuesday and Friday 22:00

The beauty of natural bathing

What could be more beautiful than immersing yourself in this natural bathing experience?