Sustainability at the "green", authentic Gartenhotel Theresia

Peaceful, natural and full of life. That is the best way to describe the atmosphere at the Gartenhotel Theresia. Visitors staying with us can look forward to plenty of fresh mountain air and a large garden full of wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries. Children are invited to help themselves! Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a visit from the local rabbits and deer, keen to drink from the two springs located within our grounds.

We are committed to environmental sustainability throughout the hotel – not as a trend or a fad, but instead because we want to preserve the beauty of our region for future generations. This "eco-philosophy" can be found everywhere, from the produce in the hotel kitchen to the love and respect for nature in our garden.

Efficient use of resources

Environmentally friendly "green" holidays with a clear conscience in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Country of Salzburg

  • Heat generated by our kitchen, laundry room, restaurant and bathrooms is recycled and used again to heat the swimming pools and the water needed for various services (up to 42.5°C).
  • Fresh spring water from the two springs within the hotel grounds. We have been using this water for more than 60 years.
  • The water is exceptionally soft (°dH 3.56) and therefore very gentle on skin and hair. It also means you only need to use a small amount of washing liquid and no softener for laundry.
  • We only use cleaning products with the Ecolabel (official EU certification).
  • We use almost no chlorine in our pools. Our pools contain only the minimum amount of chlorine set out in Austrian law.
  • Energy-saving lightbulbs, waste reduction and careful recycling.
  • Fast charging station for electric cars and bikes.
  • 100% environmentally friendly electricity (from hydroelectric plants, wind energy, biomass and other green sources).
Why regional & organic?

There are lots of reasons, but the main one is: it simply tastes better!

Here at the Gartenhotel Theresia w are lucky enough to have a network of suppliers who deliver outstanding produce throughout the year. This has many advantages:

  • Short transport distance & storage time
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Supporting local farmers and producers
  • More taste and better quality thanks to ripe, seasonal produce
  • Fair trade is an important aspect when sourcing our ingredients

Regional & seasonal

Organic fact: More than half of the agricultural land in the region is used for organic farming. We have a network of suppliers in Salzburg Land committed to sustainability and top quality. Visit us and taste the difference!

Bio benefits

Activities and days out


  • Bicycles can be borrowed free of charge during your stay.
  • One card, so many options! The summer JOKER Card gives holders lots of great deals and discounts on highlights in the region, including free unlimited use of the hiking bus, transfers a the end of the valley and all public transport in the Pinzgau region.
  • We want to say thank you to all our guests who travel using public transport. That is why we refund the cost of the bus from the train station in Zell am See to our hotel. We also offer a free transfer service for guests staying at least one week.
Mountain Green Spa

Sustainable spa & beauty treatments

Team spirit

Staff at the Gartenhotel Theresia

In collaboration with other hotels of the region we set up an association dedicated to offering hotel staff the opportunity to develop their skills and acquire new qualifications. We are also committed to giving our staff comfy and elegant accommodation, which is what you will find at our staff accommodation with its light and spacious rooms.
In addition, our employees can enjoy all of the hotel's wellness facilities such as pools, fitness room, etc. free of charge during their free time.

We are proud to have been awarded the "Promenteus", also known as the "Social Oscar", by the regional government of Salzburg in recognition of our commitment to helping citizens with disabilites play a full and active role in society through work placements and volunteer projects.

Last but not least, both staff and guests appreciate the fact that our hotel is 100% smoke-free.

Green conscience

We are proud to call this region home and are committed to preserving its natural beauty for future generations.