A dining experience in Salzburg that is not just good, but great

In addition to regional and organic food, we also place a lot of emphasis on fair trade products. Furthermore: balanced, wholesome meal compositions, vegan/vegetarian options and consideration of intolerances are key elemets of our green culinary concept.

We are happy to be able to pass on these  recognitions to you in the form of refined, delicious and sustainably produced dishes!

Austria Bio Zertifizierung
Austria Bio certificate

We’re proud to have been issued the certificate of Austria Bio Guarantee, Austria’s leading organic inspection body. Unannounced inspections are constantly carried out to certify our compliance with organic standards. As a partner to Bio Austria, the Austrian association for the promotion of organic farming and production, we’re also allowed to carry the label and seal which officially identifies us as a certified service provider.

The EU Organic Regulation came into effect in Austria on 1 July 2009 and is included in the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus. Since its implementation, it has been considered unlawful to use the term “organic” to describe services or offers (e.g. organic breakfast, organic hotel, organic buffet, etc.) that have not received respective organic certification, and strict penalties have been put in place.

Vegan Welcome
Zertifikat für vegan-freundliche Hotels

Great & green dining

Our gourmet cuisine has not only been officially certified as organic, but also allows guests to contribute to sustainability in the region by consuming locally sourced, high-quality produce.