Treatments for body & soul

Professional spa treatments in the heart of the Salzburg mountains

Spa breaks at the Gartenhotel Theresia in Saalbach-Hinterglemm provide the ideal opportunity to take some time off and give your body the attention it deserves. Let us pamper you with our professional spa treatments. We offer a host of therapies and experiences, all tailored to your specific needs: facials for radiant beauty, effective cosmetic treatments, massages for full-body relaxation, body wraps using the unique Soft-Pack system, as well as physiotherapy and personal training. 

In our spa, we only use the best natural substances to care for your skin. Feel the immediate effects of Annemarie Börlind products, the number one certified organic skin care company in Germany. We also use products from certified Austrian organic beauty line Marías and the medical Dado Sens Dermacosmetics range, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.


Intense massage for men +

The plus version of our intense massage for men includes a full back massage, perfectly complementing the effective treatment of the shoulders, neck and head.

50 min. € 79,-

Manual lymphatic drainage

Soft, pleasant massage techniques are applied to activate the body’s defences, stimulate detoxification and support the lymphatic system. Toxins are gently removed, blockages are cleared and the body’s metabolism is activated.

Face | 25 min. € 47,-
Arms and legs | 40 min. € 69,-

Singing bowl massage

Singing bowls create an atmosphere of deep relaxation, allowing your body and mind to fully unwind and regain a state of harmonious balance. Melt away muscular tension and emerge energised with renewed strength.

50 min. € 79,-

Foot massage

Enjoy a soothing foot bath and a foot massage designed to relieve pain or stiffness in heavy legs and ankles. Our aestheticians gently apply cream for a revitalising effect.

40 min. € 73,-

Full-body massage

"Theresia's" revitalitzing full-body massage is perfect if you are looking to boost your energy and regain inner balance.

50 min. € 79,-

Body butter massage deluxe

An indulging full-body massage, this treatment creates silky smooth skin with a choice of luxurious body butters. The scent of rose, lavender or coconut and vanilla creates a fragrant experience.

60 min. € 99,-

Arnica sports massage

Arnica has a soothing effect on strained muscles, aching joints and a variety of other pains often arising from intense physical activity. Combined with a powerful full-body massage, this treatment is particularly suited to regenerate after an active day out exploring or a full workout session.

50 min. € 83,-

Hot stone massage

Hot stones boost the flow of energy in your body while blockages are cleared and your natural healing powers activated. The luxurious warmth applied during the massage improves circulation and enhances oxygen transfer and the delivery of nutrients to the cells. Metabolism is accelerated and lymphatic flow facilitated, resulting in toxins being removed from the body more easily. Enjoy a completely new body experience as tension immediately begins to ease. The heat penetrates deep into your muscles, releasing fascia and adhesions to the bone, soothing stiff joints and reducing pain. Finally, the treatment with hot basalt stones also calms the nerves and allows you to relax completely.

Back | 25 min. € 53,-
Full-body | 75 min. € 125,-

Targeted massage

This intense massage treatment relieves muscular tension where needed. It’s designed to boost your energy, targeting either your back, neck or shoulders, your arms and hands or your legs and feet.

25 min. € 45,-

Green spa individual massage

A highly-personalised treatment, our individual green spa massage can be adapted using a host of different massage techniques. By assessing your individual needs and areas of concern, your highly-trained therapist creates a bespoke, results-driven massage just for you.

50 min. € 79,-

Intense face, neck and scalp massage

Relax and unwind with our highly effective face, neck and scalp massage.

25 min. € 49,-

Combined massage

Our combined massage can be fully adapted to your body’s needs, individually combining various targeted techniques. These may range from foot reflexology to classical back massage. Simply talk to our experienced therapists and let us know about your ailments.

50 min. € 79,-


The Hawaiian lomilomi ritual is a relaxing full-body experience. Inspired by the mesmerising dance of waves in the ocean, the treatment combines classic massage strokes with dance elements to work the entire body. It’s designed to open body, mind and soul and restore inner balance. Leave your daily cares behind in this atmosphere of calm, harmony and respect. Rhythmic movements are applied addressing your needs to restore your feeling of inner peace and happiness.

80 min. € 149,-

Foot reflexology massage

This targeted foot massage activates your body’s self-healing powers and reduces blockages and other discomforts. Acupressure points on the soles of your feet are stimulated with a positive effect on the corresponding organs and muscles.

40 min. € 65,-


Calm, slow massage and fragrant essential oils typically used in aromatherapy combine to relieve stress and tension in the whole body. The flow of energy is activated while overall wellbeing is improved with a lasting effect.

Back | 25 min. € 51,-
Full-body | 50 min. € 83,-

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is a rehabilitative taping method that facilitates your body’s metabolism, especially during sports. Highly elastic and breathable tape that feels like a second skin supports and protects your muscles and joints where you need it. Toxins and blockages are removed, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation.

Shoulder or back | 20 min. € 30,-
Neck or knee | 15 min. € 25,-

Intense massage for men

This powerful massage is specifically designed for men, targeting shoulders, neck and head for instant relief.

25 min. € 45,-

Beauty treatments

Pure back

This intense treatment has been designed to clear your skin from clogged pores and breakouts. After gentle extraction and a scrub, a soothing mask calms your skin and deeply nourishes it.

40 min. € 65,-

Clean & clear

This deep cleansing facial for clean and clear skin radically transforms your complexion. Our combination of herbal extracts, including chamomile, sage and yarrow, is ideally suited to treat oily, blemish-prone skin or combination skin. Enjoy the immediate effect of purified skin and unwind with a final hand massage.

70 min. € 98,-

ProBalance for sensitive skin

The ProBalance facial treatment is specifically developed to calm and protect sensitive skin prone to allergies, and to help it regain its natural balance.

50 min. € 73,-

ExtroDerm for dry skin

If you have extremely dry, sensitive skin, this treatment is for you. Gentle exfoliation is followed by a pleasant massage or deep cleansing, before the treatment ends in a moisture regulating facial mask.

50 min. € 73,-


This global anti-aging care nourishes demanding skin with precious, natural essences. Feel the exceptional bio-lifting effect of white truffle, botanical hyaluronic acid and an intelligent cocktail of vitamins, stimulating your body’s collagen production. Tonicity is increased and your facial contours are visibly enhanced. Tailored to your skin’s specific needs, this treatment convinces with long-lasting effects – including a calming hand massage. The multi-regeneration facial can be combined with a free eyelash and eyebrow tint, if required.

90 min. € 150,-

Eye lift

Restore your skin’s youthful vitality with our specifically designed anti-aging eye treatment. A highly effective mask combines with our firming massage, smoothing fine lines and combatting the signs of aging.

40 min. € 65,-

Face treatment for men

Deeply cleanse and renew with this instant-results face treatment, specifically designed for men. It includes a steam treatment and an exfoliating scrub, followed by an energising face massage and revitalising mask. The highlight of this treatment is a combined scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

80 min. € 115,-

Active hydration

A deeply hydrating treatment that quenches delicate skin, this facial treatment uses botanical and biotechnological hyaluronic acid, samphire and stem cells from the papyrus plant to revive the skin. The moisture content is balanced and your skin is left feeling refreshed and supple. A final hand massage additionally calms your mind.

70 min. € 98,-


Smooth, firm and hydrate your skin with this natural regeneration treatment. A special 3D matrix made from marine algae extract, tara gum and hyaluronic acid, combined with nourishing macadamia oil, stimulates your body’s collagen production and deeply moisturises the skin. Gentle pressure and massage strokes smooth fine lines and improve the skin’s elasticity. Restore youthful vitality and natural radiance, unwinding during a final hand massage. Our regeneration facial can be combined with a free eyelash and eyebrow tint.

90 min. € 140,-

Quick beauty

Our fast-acting facial treatment for quick beauty cleanses and exfoliates the skin. A revitalising massage, followed by the application of your care of choice, makes your skin glow in no time.

50 min. € 85,-

Finishing touches

Green Spa medical pedicure deluxe

Our deluxe medical pedicure begins with an alkaline footbath, followed by gentle exfoliation of the skin and removal of dead skin, calluses, corns and other discomforts. Includes cuticle and nail shaping, as well as a foot massage with invigorating and intensely nourishing cream.

50 min. € 67,-

Green spa manicure deluxe

Our luxurious green spa manicure includes shaping your nails and cuticles, and a gentle hand bath to deeply nourish and revitalise your skin. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and nail buffing combines with a relaxing hand massage to prepare your skin for our richly nourishing skin care. Followed by polish of choice.

55 min. € 65,-

Quick fix manicure

This quick fix manicure includes a nourishing bath of your hands, followed by nail shaping and removal of dead skin. Nail polish not included.

25 min. € 45,-

Waxing services

Full leg € 62,-
Half leg € 42,-
Bikini € 35,-
Underarm or full arm € 30,-
Upper lip or chin € 30,-
Back or chest (for men) € 50,-

Eye enhancements

Eyelash perm € 30,-
Eyelash tint € 22,-
Eyebrow tint € 20,-
Eyebrow shape € 15,-
Eyebrow tint and shape € 30,-
Eyelash and brow tint € 37,-

Make-up application

Day make-up | 25 min. € 40,-
Evening make-up | 30 min. € 46,-

Body treatments

Alpine meadow scrub

A full-body scrub with relaxing alpine herbs and pine extracts, followed by a soothing foot massage.

50 min. € 79,-

Full-body algae wrap

A re-mineralising full-body treatment designed to reduce water retention and puffiness.

45 min. € 65,-

Silky smooth skin scrub

This scented full-body treatment combines with a massage focused on your problem areas to visibly smoothen your skin. A choice of rose, lavender or coconut vanilla body butter rounds off the experience.

With massage focused on one area | 50 min. € 83,-
With full-body massage | 75 min. € 123,-

Goat’s milk body butter wrap

Goat’s milk body butter feels like silk on your skin and provides rapid relief from itchy skin and other symptoms of eczema.

35 min. € 55,-

Harmony scrub

Our lavender infused full-body scrub, rounded off by a massage with lavender body butter, leaves you feeling relaxed from head to toe.

80 min. € 130,-

Full-body Cleopatra wrap

A deeply nourishing body wrap ideally suited to dry skin.

35 min. € 55,-

Coconut vanilla sugar scrub

Feel tension melt away with this fragrant and intensely nourishing full-body scrub experience – especially suited to dry skin.

25 min. € 45,-

Relaxing moor mud wrap with targeted massage

Ideal to relieve muscular tension and clear blockages in either your back or your legs.

50 min. € 79,-

A dream of rose scrub

This scrub uses precious rose oil to treat your entire body. Let yourself be pampered as we massage your face and neck with luxurious, rose-scented body butter.

50 min. € 79,-

Treatments for kids

Pretty little facial treatment

Tailored to the needs of your little ones this facial treatment gently cleanses and massages young skin and ends with a balmy mask.

40 min. € 61,-

Facial treatment for teen skin

This personalised facial is designed to treat teenage skin for a smooth look.

50 min. € 79,-

Full-body massage

This gentle massage with essential oils is perfectly suited to your kids’ skin.

25 min. € 43,-

Physiotherapy & personal training

Physiotherapy & personal training

Our programme of physiotherapy and personal training includes a wide variety of techniques designed to improve your health: therapeutic gymnastics, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage and kinesio taping to reduce pain and improve lymphatic circulation constitute as much a part of our programme as back and spinal exercises, posture correction and training, pelvic floor training, water gymnastics, joint mobilisation, cupping and much more. Depending on your body’s needs, you can enjoy each one of our techniques and methods available individually or combine them for a more holistic treatment. Our team of expertly skilled personal trainers, fitness instructors and therapists are on hand to advise you on your options.

50 min. € 85,-

Salzburg’s finest spa treatments

Pamper yourself with our highly effective treatments and therapies, which are designed to make you feel refreshed and naturally beautiful.