Our caution = your safety!

around the topic of Corona

First of all: our 53-room hotel is located uptown Hinterglemm - quiet,  away from the party zone in the village center (8 minutes walk).
In times like these, your and our safety - to protect the health of all of us, but especially those who are at increased risk due to known or as yet unrecognized previous illnesses - has top priority! We - the members of our family as well as our employees - want to work for you in a relaxed manner (without fear of infection) and with the measures taken * to ensure that we all stay healthy. We therefore urge you to strictly adhere to our in-house rules and to show consideration for each other.
With people at risk in their own families (93-year-old grandmother and a diabetic), compliance with the corona rules is extremely important for us, also for very private reasons.
* sometimes stricter than required by law for Austria's hotel and catering industry.

We wish that you come to us healthy and go home healthy.

We trust in your personal responsibility - for the sake of our and your safety!

Your family Brettermeier & and the Theresia team

Limited number of guests in SUMMER 2021: A maximum of 66% of our 53 rooms and suites will be bookable in order to guarantee even more security, distance and freedom in the house and outside in our spacious garden.
This capacity restriction applies throughout the summer season, i.e. also in the high season months of July and August.

Here you will find the latest regulations for traveling between your country and Austria

Our technical INVESTMENT "Contra Corona"

The need for fresh air increases in these Corona times - especially due to aerosols in closed rooms. We have therefore taken money in hand and invested in a state-of-the-art air conditioning system (restaurants, lobby, bar and basement) that permanently supplies 100% fresh air from the outside. The fresh air is immediately heated back to room temperature - with green electricity (essential in the cold season).

Fast Check-in & Fast Check out

We will send you an e-mail 2 days before your arrival with the request that you give us the details required to register with the Saalbach registration office in advance.
At check-in, all you need to do is check the data and sign the registration form.
At check-in we ask that only 1 person per family (with mask) come to the reception desk in order to avoid crowds on busy days of arrival. In the meantime, the accompanying persons take a seat in the very spacious lobby and enjoy their welcome drink.
The free summer joker cards can be prepared in this way and handed over to you on arrival.
We can also prepare your ski passes in this way if you inform us in advance of each person's name (for children, the year of birth) and the desired days of validity of the ski passes using the form.
In order to ensure a quick, as contactless as possible check-out, we deposit your bill in an envelope at your room door early in the evening before your departure day. You can check the bill in peace and - if you wish - pay it the same evening or the next morning. This means that “traffic jams” at check-out can be avoided on busy days of departure.

Our responsible employees, the family & our guests

Our employees and all family members working in the hotel wear masks. We are either already vaccinated or we are regularly tested for Corona by a team from the Tauern Clinic in Zell am See directly in the hotel at very short intervals. In addition, the body temperature of all employees is measured daily before starting work.
For guests mask is compulsory in all public areas, but not at the dining table (sitting) in the restaurant.

Gastronomy and Service

As usual, we will pamper you with our "Alpine Cuisine" on a high culinary level. Our extensive breakfast menu "Flying Breakfast" is partly served at the table and only offered to a limited extent in buffet form (front cooking); the same applies to the salad and cheese offer as well as the afternoon cake and ice cream offer. Before going to the buffet, it is mandatory to disinfect your hands on the stands provided and to wear a mask. Disposable gloves are also available for free removal on request. Children up to 14 years of age are only allowed to help themselves at the buffet when accompanied by a parent, as it is more difficult for children to assess distances and to adhere to new rules.
As before, you will be allocated your reserved table for the entire stay; we have enough space in the restaurant for all guests. Nonetheless, we ask you to accept this year's "shift operation" - for your safety:

Breakfast: 7.30 a.m. - 8.30 a.m.
                8.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m.
                9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. (the restaurant is closed from 10.30 a.m., thorough disinfection)
Dinner: 6.30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
             8 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

“Eat & Drink” for lunch and in the afternoon: We have a lot of space - by far - in the spacious lobby and bar "Cow 76".


Disinfection racks are distributed throughout the hotel. Our housekeeping team works with gloves and is increasingly doing "disinfection rounds" throughout the hotel. You can use doorknobs, suitcase trolleys, etc. without any worries.
Your room will be thoroughly ventilated during the cleaning and disinfection process - work will be carried out with the windows and balcony doors open.
If you do not want our cleaning staff to enter your room, we kindly ask you to report to the hotel reception if you would like fresh towels, fresh bed linen, replacement of personal hygiene products, refills for the minibar or garbage disposal.

SPA - Wellness area

Pools, saunas and panoramic fitness studio can be used at any time during opening hours, provided the minimum distance (1 meter) is observed. Please pay attention to the maximum number of people in the sauna and swimming pool area as well as in the sports room. This is clearly signposted in the corresponding areas. We have removed loungers in the relaxation areas so that we can keep the distance. Please understand that there are fewer available.
Under the given circumstances, access to the wellness area for children up to 14 years of age is generally only permitted when accompanied by a parent, as it is difficult for children to assess distances and comply with rules.
Massages and beauty treatments are carried out in compliance with the appropriate safety precautions.