Massages – Skilled Hands, Pure Relaxation

A wellness holiday at the Gartenhotel Theresia in Saalbach-Hinterglemm is the ideal opportunity to let your body be really pampered!

Our massages

  • Massage "Individual Green Spa"

    Simply book a treatment slot and our therapist will be happy to incorporate your individual requests and problem areas by using various techniques.
    50 min € 79,-
  • Connective tissue massage for the back

    25 min € 51,-
  • Singing Bowl Massage

    It provides deep relaxation which brings your body in balance. Muscle tensions are loosened.
    50 min € 79,-
  • Whole body massage

    A classic full-body massage for well-being and renewed energy.
    50 min € 73,-
  • Full body sports massage "Arnika"

    Individual techniques are used to alleviate problems due to athletic activity. A strong massage, recommended before or after sport.
    50 min € 83,-
  • Partial body massage

    The intensive, strong and muscle relaxing massage of either the area of back/shoulders/neck, arms/hands or legs/feet is individually created according to your wishes.
    25 min € 45,-
  • Intensive head, neck and face massage

    With the active substance ampoule – for the face, head and neck.
    25 min € 49,-
  • Foot reflexology massage

    Activates the body’s own self-healing powers! The organs, muscles and any blockages are treated using the energy of reflexology therapy.
    40 min € 65,-
  • Massage with aromatic oils

    Gentle relaxing strokes and a balancing full-body massage using special warm aromatic oils.
    50 min full body/25 min back € 83,-/51,-
  • Combi-Massage

    A combination of reflexology and classic back massage
    50 min € 79,-
  • Manual lymphatic drainage

    Pleasant and gentle massage technique to activate the body's defenses, the detoxification and the lymphatic system. Toxins are removed by washing the tissue and metabolism is stimulated. 25 min - face 40 min - legs and arms
    25 min/40 min € 47,-/69,-
  • Foot massage

    Soothing foot bath and foot massage of the stressed foot muscles and joints - with special cream.
    40 min € 73,-
  • Body butter massage "deluxe"

    Full body massage with body butter. You can choose from rose, lavender or coconut-vanilla. Afterwards, your skin will feel soft and silky.
    60 min € 99,-
  • "Hot Stone"

    Due to the activated energy flow, blockages are loosened and the body’s self-healing powers are stimulated. The heat treatment improves the blood circulation and cells are nurtured with oxygen as well as nutrients. The body tissue’s metabolism and the lymph flow are stimulated, slag products are eliminated more efficiently, muscle tension and hardenings are relieved, connective tissue and joints are more flexible and pain is eased. At the same time, the heat treatment has a positive effect on our nerve system. What follows, is a state of deep relaxation.
    25 min back / 75 min full body € 53,- / € 125,-
  • Lomi Lomi Nui

    This Hawaiian stamp massage is a full-body massage with oils—a combination of ritual, dance and bodywork. Like the powerful dance of the ocean’s waves, it has a healing impact on the body, spirit and soul. Escape everyday life and experience full harmony and balance through deep relaxation in a respectful environment. The aim of this caring massage is to regenerate people’s energies, realigning them with their inner selves and their surroundings.
    80 min € 149,-
  • Therapeutic kinesiotape

    The flexible and highly breathable tape acts like a second skin. It supports and protects muscles and joints where it will be needed. In case of motion, the tape stimulates the fat metabolism. Loosening of congestions and blockages and relieves noticeable the pain areas. Shoulder or back 20 min Neck or knie 15min
    20 min/ 15 min € 30,-/ € 25,-