Mountain GREEN SPA – Cosmetics

Facial treatments

  • Clean & Clear

    Deep-Cleansing Clarifies and refines the skin. Herbal extracts, such as chamomile, sage and yarrow have been specifically coordinated to meet the requirements of oily, blemished or combination skin. Impurities are removed that are difficult to get rid of with day-to-day skin care methods, and the complexion is given a finer structure and a clear appearance. Hand massage included.
    70 min € 98,-
  • "Quick-Beauty"

    Cleansing, massage & cream
    50 min € 85,-
  • Hydro-active

    Moisture Quenches the skin’s “thirst”. Botanical hyaluronic acid, samphire and cells from the papyrus stimulate and activate the skin’s moisture, making the skin look fresh and alive. Hand massage included.
    70 min € 98,-
  • Vitality

    Makes skin with a slight loss of elasticity and light lines and wrinkles look youthful and alive. The exclusive LL- Bio Complex gives the skin new firmness and tone. The skin’s natural vitality is restored. Hand massage included.
    70 min € 98,-
  • Regeneration

    Elasticity-promoting and firming treatment System Absolute is an exceptional skin care treatment for demanding skin prone to wrinkles. The series uses liposome and nano-particles as microscopic miniature transport systems. An effective bio-complex supports long-term regeneration of the skin. Marine algae extract reduces the breakdown of elastin in the skin. Hand massage included. On request (free) dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows.
    90 min € 140,-
  • Multi-Regeneration

    Global Anti-Aging Care Valuable essences for particularly demanding skin. The remarkable Biolifting complex, containing white truffle, botanical hyaluronic acid, a “cocktail” of vitamins and other ingredients, stimulates the formation of collagen, increases skin density and firms the contours. A spectacular effect for special skin requirements. Hand massage included. On request (free) dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows.
    90 min € 150,-
  • Intensive Eye Treatment

    With special anti-aging mask for eyes,massage, intensively smoothing and firming.
    40 min € 65,-
  • Back Cleansing intensive treatment

    A thorough cleansing of the back area with body scrub and anti-inflammatory mask and soothing active ingredient cream.
    40 min € 56,-

Medical cosmetics

  • ProBalance Sensitive – Facial treatment

    A soothing treatment creating a new balance for sensitive allergy-prone skin.
    50 min € 73,-
  • Soft Care ExtroDerm – Facial treatment

    For extremely dry and sensitive skin. Peeling, massage (or deep cleansing), facial mask
    50 min € 73,-