Mountain GREEN SPA


Body Treatments in the Soft-Pack Floating Recliner

  • “Rose Dream“

    Whole body peeling with the essence of roses followed by massage of face, head and neck with exquisite rose butter
    50 min € 79,-
  • Algue whole-body wrap

    Reduces water retention and padding.
    45 min €65,-
  • Goatbutter whole-body wrap

    Recommended with psoriasis and rashes.
    35 min €55,-
  • Cleopatra whole-body cream pack

    Intensive soothing body pack for extra dry skin.
    35 min € 55,-
  • Muscle relieving mudpack with part-body massage

    In case of tension and blockades on the back or legs.
    50 min € 79,-
  • "Alpine Meadows"

    Swiss pine and herb whole body peeling with a pleasant foot massage.
    50 min € 79,-
  • "Silky Smooth Skin”

    Wonderful whole body peeling followed by rich body butter (lavender, rose or coconut-vanilla) partial or full body massage for tender skin. 50 min with partial body massage 75 min with full body massage
    50 min/75 min € 83,-/123,-
  • “Harmony“

    Whole body peeling with lavender oil followed full body massage with lavender body butter (including the face)
    80 min € 130,-
  • Coco-Vanilla-Sugar-Scrub

    Gently melting, intensively nurturing and unforgettably fragrant Also working for sensitive skin. Whole body peeling.
    25 min € 45,-

Body treatments on the soft-pack floating recliner