Welcome to our family, with your family!

Arrive, drop your bags, and be right in the middle of your holiday

For generations we Brettermeiers have hosted and taken care of our guests. We are always there for you without being intrusive. That is also the credo of our employees who work hard for your well-being.

Every year we try to become a little better and, because we are sure that you can relax even better in a stylish environment, we have displayed our most beautiful works of art for you in our hotel.

Spoiled rotten!

Fine art alone, however, is not enough to make our guests happy. For this reason you will eat delicious organic food and relax in the dignified atmosphere of our wellness area. Let your mind run free in our landscaped garden and when you sit in the warm outdoor pool with views of the surrounding mountains, we hope you will feel as if you’ve truly arrived.

Who and what is the Theresia?

  • A first-class family-run hotel in its 3rd and 4th generations
  • Passionate hosts
  • Honest and authentic hosts with heart. We love to fill our hotel with soul. The guest is more than king!
  • Our guests - adults and children - experience honest and authentic mountain holidays
  • Relaxers "from 0-99 years old", sports- and nature-lovers feel completely comfortable and safe.
  • The basis of our philosophy is sustainability in all areas: environmentally- and resource-friendly management, social responsibility for our team and a sustainable holiday experience for our guests.
  • Best quality: we place high importance on regional and organic products and food.
  • Holiday with a long lasting effect: our guests should fill up on plenty of energy for home.
  • We have respect for the beauty and power of nature.

Your hosts, Harald & Marianne Brettermeier