That is what we strive for every single day

Living in nature means keeping in line with it as best as we can. BIO and organic are very important to us – not because they are trendy but because we are so thankful to be able to enjoy such beautiful surroundings.

We have always loved organic ideas on all levels. You will feel that a few days of BIO holiday will have wonderful positive effects on you. Organic food is fuel for our bodies. Without good spirit we won’t work and that’s why you get only the best from us!

A richly set table, cosy rooms and heated pools. A dreamlike garden, a green paradise for children and a luxurious spa.


Organic simply tastes better

Organic is an important issue in the Province of Salzburg: more than half of Salzburg’s agricultural area is farmed in compliance with organic guidelines and many markets offer a wide range of fantastic organic products which are much tastier than industrially processed foods.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to purchase a great deal of regional and seasonal products. This offers plenty of benefits: shorter transport and storage times, less CO2 consumption, promotion of local producers, as well as more taste and better quality, as we can process and enjoy foods when they are perfectly ripe. Fair Trade is another important issue which we take into account when purchasing.

Experience organic very close: Come with us and we will show you the origin of your meals

  • With weekly visits and tours of our regional, small-scale organic producers and vendors (beekeepers, alpine dairy farms, beef farms, vegetable farms, etc.), we offer our guests the chance to experience the production of organic food up close.

"Green Bonnet": Organic and sustainability at all levels

The Green Bonnet award, once again given to our hotel this year, is based on our use of regional, predominantly organic foods as well as Fair Trade products. Additional requirements include a well-balanced, wholesome selection of food including vegetarian choices and suitable foods for guests with food intolerances and special diets.

Gault Millau: Among the top 10 in Austria

Because our cuisine is also very delicious, the Gault Millau has rated us as one of Austria’s 10 best wellness hotel kitchens!

"Austria Bio Garantie": Organic is near and dear to us

Paper and screens can say whatever they like – but how can you be sure that what claims to be organic really is? We have pursued a policy of voluntary certification since 2002. This means that we are subject to unannounced audits by the Austria Bio Garantie (Austria Organic Guarantee) as proven by our certification number (Hotel Theresia: 4-00746-2013). As a member of the ‘BIO AUSTRIA’ (ORGANIC AUSTRIA) association, we promise to use predominantly local organic produce.

We stand up to every test. And that makes us so proud!

"Bio-Paradies Salzburger Land": We have been involved from the beginning!

The "Bio-Paradies Salzburger Land", an association of organically-certified bed and breakfasts, restaurants, hotels and farms, was founded in 2008. As one of the four founders, Mrs Brettermeier has been invested from the beginning onwards and is one of the board members for this group of 25 engaged establishments.

Slow Food: Enjoy instead of just consuming

Mrs Brettermeier is also an active member of SLOW FOOD Austria, Convivum Pinzgau. Slow Food is a movement of and for people which aims to protect all things peaceful, sensual and down-to-earth about food, especially in this age of ‘fast life’. A philosophy of pleasure and a slow, deliberate lifestyle contrasts with the hustle and bustle of modern life. The focus is on promoting the right to a culture of dining and the regional diversity of food. Slow Food was founded at an Italian vineyard in 1986 and has now spread across the world, gaining more fans and supporters all the time.


  • Careful handling of natural resources is particularly important to us. We eliminated oil heating from our building and introduced an energy-saving heat recovery concept which utilises waste heat from the hotel (from the kitchens, laundry, restaurant, bathrooms, etc.) to heat the swimming pools and pre-heat the water. We have had our own mountain spring for more than 60 years located some 250 metres above the hotel.
  • Our water is extremely soft (with a water hardness of °dH 3.56) and is therefore great for the hair and skin! This soft water means we only need to use small doses of laundry detergent and can forget about using fabric softener altogether – which helps protect our guests and the environment.
  • It goes without saying that we only use cleaning agents which have the official EU ecolabel throughout the hotel.
  • Chlorine is added to our pools in accordance with the minimum requirement specified by Austrian law.
  • Wherever possible, we use energy-saving light bulbs, avoid excessive packaging when purchasing and adopt a thorough recycling process.
  • We provide a quick charging station for electric cars and bikes.
  • We receive 100% green electricity (from hydropower, wind power, biomass and other green energy) only!


Pure Nature, Pure Relaxation, Pure Quality

  • Our Mountain Green Spa is the perfect extra to round out your wonderful holiday.
  • With exclusive use of the eco-certified natural cosmetics range from Annemarie Börlind – the "premier range of natural cosmetics" – as well as its associated medical cosmetics range DadoSens (suitable for those with allergies and sensitive skin) and the eco-certified cosmetic label Marías, our newly constructed GREEN SPA is our hotel’s "youngest" ecological highlight.


  • Peaceful, natural and full of life! It is truly a lot of fun to discover our hotel and its surroundings. Breathe in the smoke-free air, snack on wild strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries in our garden, and – with a little luck – observe animals such as deer and rabbits in the wilderness surrounding the hotel at dawn. We even have our own mountain spring which is located in a water protection area.
  • We take you to our organic farmers:  Go on excursions with Mrs Brettermeier to regional, small-scale organic producers and vendors (such as a beekeeper, alpine dairy farm, beef farm, vegetable farm, etc.) and experience the quality and origin of excellent products for yourself.
  • We offer for you: Last but not least, we treat all guests arriving by environmentally-friendly trains to free transfer to and from the Zell am See railway station (21 kilometres from the hotel) and offer bicycles during your entire holiday.
  • One card for everything: The Summer JOKER CARD gives you unlimited use of the cable cars, the hiking shuttle and valley train plus many more great discounts and advantages!
  • In your bathroom you will find only organic soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc.!


  • We are proud of our employees! Together with 16 other hotels, we have created a network for our team. Through this network, we organise free training and development for our employees.
  • Furthermore, we offer our staff free accommodation and delicious board in our "Anna" employee house, located very close to the hotel.
  • We are especially proud of our "Promenteus" award – formerly known as the "Social Oscar" - from the Province of Salzburg. This award was given to us in 2007 for our exemplary commitment to professional and social integration of disabled individuals.
  • Our employees as well as guests appreciate that our hotel is smoke-free.