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Yes, ve-gan!

Vegetarian & vegan in the Salzburg region

Vegan is more than a diet – it is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a decision to make a difference. We want to support this decision consciously and therefore create a part of our food supply accordingly. The idea of using more and more plant-based environmentally friendly products is not only reflected in our culinary art. We are committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly service throughout the hotel.

The pleasure of plants

Theresia's cosmopolitan "Cuisine Alpine"

Our vegan trained chef de cuisine George guarantees honest, high-quality and creative vegan dishes.

  • Vegan breakfast options
  • Vegan lunch options
  • Cakes - vegan options
  • Five-course vegan dinner for choice
  • Vegan wine menu
  • Vegan cappuccino and latte macchiato with soy or almond milk and more

Further vegan services in the hotel

  • Only environmentally friendly and vegan cleaning products and detergents
  • Vegan cosmetic products (soap, shower gel, shampoo)
vegan cuisine at hotel theresia
No meat, no fish

Fresh & seasonal produce prepared to perfection

The idea behind a diet that’s free of meat, fish and any other animal products is motivated by a set of different factors. Most people go vegan for ethical reasons, seeking to avoid any forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to animals for food and other purposes. A vegan diet can, however, also promote health and healing. Sustainability and environmental protection also play a major role as meat production, for example, consumes much more water than growing vegetables. Finally, a vegan diet is also based on the idea of contributing to global nutritional justice.

At the Gartenhotel Theresia, many of our guests follow a vegan lifestyle. We continuously strive to cater for their needs in the best possible way. Therefore, we spare no efforts to serve vegan dishes that are not only healthy, but infused with our chef’s incredible creativity to serve up pure culinary magic. We source the best plant-based ingredients from local, organic produce. Freshness, quality and seasonality are our top priorities.

The vegan diet

Following a vegan diet means abstaining from any food that comes from animals. While vegetarians don’t consume any meat or fish, vegans also don’t eat milk, eggs or any other products stemming from animals.

Clean food for a clean conscience.

Organic & vegan wine

Yes, it does exist

Although wine is made from grapes, it is not generelly considered to be vegan. That is because conventional winemaking draws on animal-derived products such as egg albumen, milk protein or gelatin as fining agents. These are used to remove cloudiness or any undesired flavours and colourings. Vegan wines, however, are fined using animal-friendly agents (such as silica gel, pea protein or bentonite clay) or none at all. More and more world-class winemakers are switching their fining agents to plant-based products. We’re proud to offer our guests an exclusive selection that includes:

  • 29 organic wines
  • 6 vegan wines 

Vegans welcome

At the Gartenhotel Theresia, we ensure all our guests can enjoy delicious food. Even if you’re just curious and would like to try something new, we’re happy to take you on a culinary journey of discovery into the world of vegan.