GRANDER Revitalised Water is More Than Just Water

Grander, what is that?

Naturalist Johann GRANDER energised water and made it a true elixir of life. You can enjoy the pleasure of this fantastic water here at the Theresia.

Pure, soft mountain spring water is energised with water revitalisation equipment and flows through all taps at our hotel.

This wonderful water accompanies you at breakfast and in the restaurant as tasty drinking water and helps to unfold the natural aromas of tea and coffee.

Our delicate food is cooked with revitalised water. You may enjoy GRANDER revitalised water in the rooms and our SPA too.

It is pleasantly mild and soft for eyes, hair and skin. For thousands of people, GRANDER revitalised water has become a significant part of their lives.

Water, the fluid of life.


Enthusiastic users report the following effects:

  • With fine and fresh taste, revitalised water remains fresh for a long time
  • High level of drinking pleasure as a result of the fine taste of the water
  • Fine and fresh tastes of foods
  • Vigorous growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • Soothing to the skin while bathing and showering
  • Sustainability and protection of resources: revitalised water regenerates itself, allows an economical use of washing agents and returns revitalised to the natural cycle.

We hope you will have many enjoyable moments and pleasant well-being with GRANDER revitalised water during your stay with us.

Even more health: We serve carafes of precious, vitalised GRANDER water for € 3.70 per litre in our restaurant. You can, of course, enjoy it free of charge in your room and in the wellness area. (The normal price in specialist stores would be € 12.50 per litre bottle).