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Important Information

You will find more information about arrival by car, train or plane here.


  • Each room has a guaranteed parking spot at the hotel.
  • Underground car park is available and costs € 15 per day.

Dogs are welcome

  • A service charge of € 20 per animal and day will be charged upon departure.
  • For your pet a blanket, a bowl and a towel is available in the room on arrival.

TIP for wellness guests looking for a quiet stay (couples and singles in particular)

If you are looking for a quieter holiday period, we can recommend these dates:

  • Rest of winter 2013/14: 15th - 30th March
  • Summer 2014: 28th May – 7th June, 20th June – beginning of July, end of August – end of September
  • Winter 2014/15: 5th – 20th December, 10th – 31st  January, 7th – 14th February,  21st February - 7th March, 14th – 21st March


  • At the latest 4:00 pm
  • Guests receive a welcome drink upon arrival
  • If you arrive after 8:30 pm or during the night, please inform us and we will have a cold plate prepared for you!


  • At the latest 11:00 am
  • If you plan on checking out before 7:30 am, we will be happy to prepare a "thermo-breakfast" for you
  • We will be happy to prepare a free packed lunch for your trip home – just let us know ahead of time!
  • If you’d like to ski, hike, etc. on the day of your departure, we gladly offer guests the opportunity to change clothes, shower, etc. We also offer monitored luggage storage.

On request, sooner check-in or later check-out possible - please ask for it!

Terms of reservation & deposit

  • Deposit for set bookings: 30 % of the total costs (payable by credit card, bank transfer)
  • We also require a written booking confirmation by e-mail

Methods of payment

  • We accept cash (Euro), Maestro (EC card), Visa and MasterCard .

Cancellation policy

  • You can cancel your booking for free 3 months before your scheduled date of arrival.
  • If you cancel your booking less than 3 months before your scheduled date of arrival, or if you do not use a booked room, arrive late or leave early, we will charge 80% of the total price as long as the room cannot be filled by another reservation.
  • We ask for your understanding as we must keep booked rooms open for the entire period for which they have been reserved.

We offer guests the chance to purchase travel cancellation and interruption insurance:

Hotel travel cancellation & interruption insurance

In the event that you are unable to take the holiday you have booked or have to leave your holiday prematurely, we offer cancellation insurance which minimises cancellation penalties. The terms of this insurance are valid for stays after May 2011.

What counts as an insured event?

An insured event exists in the following cases:
  • It is impossible for the guest to go on their holiday (doctor’s note/diagnosis must be provided) 
  • Occupancy is prevented or delayed, or the holiday has to be broken off
  • Severe accident or unexpected severe illness of the insured, their spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, and also of engaged couples or partners living in the same household
  • Any additional group of people must be made known to the hotel operator before the start of the risk period and the agreement of the insurer must be obtained
  • Death of someone in the above-listed group of people or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, son- or daughter-in-law of an insured person
  • Sudden, unforeseeable complaints relating to the pregnancy of an insured person
  • Significant material damage to the property of an insured person at their place of residence as a result of fire, natural event or a crime by a third party, which makes their presence there absolutely necessary
  • Unexpected dismissal of an insured person by their employer, or for self-employed earners unforeseen bankruptcy or composition proceedings over their business
  • Being called up for military or civilian service, provided that the authority responsible does not accept the booked travel as a reason to postpone being called up
  • Submission of divorce proceedings before joint travel by the spouses concerned
  • Failure to pass the school-leaving certificate immediately prior to the date of travel of an insured trip booked before the examination
  • Receiving an unexpected court summons, provided the court responsible does not accept the booked travel as a reason to postpone the summons
Insurance protection automatically exists for all arrangements booked at the Hotel Johann for the insured and the persons travelling with them, irrespective of who made the booking.
The insurance protection starts on the date of the booking and ends at the end of the hotel stay.
The insured person is obliged once he becomes aware of the occurrence of an insured event to inform the hotel immediately by phone and in writing of the cancellation of the booking, stating the reason for cancellation, and to send any proof (medical notes, etc.) to the hotel immediately, otherwise the claim to compensation will be lost. The deposit paid will immediately be refunded to the insured person by the hotel (less the cancellation insurance premium) after the doctor’s note(s) etc. have been provided. If no deposit has been paid (e.g. in the event of reservation at short notice), the premium must immediately be transferred to bank account number 024281 Raika Saalbach.

What does the travel cancellation & interruption insurance cost?

  • Your cancellation risk is minimised with an insurance premium of € 4 per day per adult.
  • Children are jointly insured free of charge up to their 7th birthday
  • Children from their 7th to 12th birthday pay € 2 per day of the insurance premium.
  • Childcare for children 2 and older, in summer and in winter
  • Free JOKER Card for many attractions
  • Garden with tranquillity area, sport area, garden restaurant, terrace and playground